Dash provides your guests with a digital portal which
allows online check in

By having a custom-built system, you can increase your guest’s exposure your loyalty and brand. Also, by personalizing the system you create a trust bond with your future guests.

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Check out how Dash is being used to help combat COVID-19.

Stage 1 - Guest Messaging

We have many properties currently using Dash to automatically communicate to all guests regarding of booking source and provide them with updated information relating to their property and to COVID-19.

Stage 2 - Online Check In

Dash allows for guests to complete a full online check in process prior to arrival at a property (just like the airlines have been doing for years). This check in is customised to match your business. It collects all required identification, credit card information and any also COVID-19 specific details from guests.

Stage 3 - Keyless Entry

Want to remove the need for interaction with any staff members? Keyless entry is available now using Dash. This delivers a digital key or access details to a guest's mobile device automatically. Massively reducing any interaction with COVID-19 or guests requiring isolation.

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With an easy to use interface Dash becomes your guests portal for everything to do with their reservations.

  • Every guest has a personal account with username and password.
  • Ability to add existing bookings to their portal with easy workflow.
  • Ability for to communicate directly with your property.
  • Ability for to complete their online check in process.
  • All sessions are recorded to allow for guests to come back and complete an incomplete check-in.
  • Direct bookings are also possible via the guest portal.

With a single system to manage everything to do with their bookings Dash provides extra value to your guests experience at your property.

Dash enables your property to automatically communicate with guests during their reservation journey.

With your guest communication being automated you can ensure consistent guest experience and demonstrate significant extra value. This is all possible without increasing office administration and overhead.

Setup your own automated guest marketing campaigns.

Ability to upsell extras to guest after they have made their reservations.

Communicate with guests during or after their stay to gather feedback and reviews.

Communicate with guests to demonstrate your own loyalty and membership programme.


Regardless of booking source, our powerful platform collects all data and communicates directly with guests. We do this by connecting to all industry leading property management systems and channel managers. Finally, you can effortless collect customer data with ease, significantly increasing your business marketing capabilities.


Guests are invited to complete a full online check in process well before arriving at your property. Guests are directed to a customised guest portal with built to order branding, logos and questions to match your business needs. This creates a strong and effective communication tool between your business and your guests.


Automatically communicate with guests using personalised messages. Created by you and triggered by events of any kind at any time including pre, during and post stay. By creating new and valuable touchpoints with your guests you can streamline their experience and increase your engagement.


Information is automatically delivered back to your business either directly to your property management system, or via email. This helps ensure that all current business processes are followed. By having a single source of truth for your properties data you can ensure a streamlined experience for your guests.


Your business can now provide great value and service to the guest, such as express check-in for those who have already completed the process online. An additional service can be provided with our keyless entry solution using digital key on a smartphone. Value can also be provided using messaging, upselling extras or purchasing activity tickets.

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